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Personalized Engineer Acrylic 3d Illusion Led Lamp With Color Changing Led And Remote #2356

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Discover the ultimate Personalized Engineer Acrylic 3D Illusion LED Lamp with mesmerizing Color Changing LEDs and a convenient Remote Control!  Illuminate your space with this stunning engineering-themed lamp that's perfect for engineers, tech enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates innovation. Get ready to be wowed by its magical effects and customizable features. Watch till the end for an exclusive offer! 

✅ Personalized Acrylic Design

✅ 3D Illusion Effect

✅ Color Changing LED Lights

✅ Remote Control for Easy Customization

✅ Ideal Gift for Engineers & Tech Lovers

Upgrade your decor with this unique lamp today! Don't miss out on this hot trend!


Short Description:

* How to use: In box you will receive a Power Adapter ,Wooden Base And Acrylic Lamp ,Color Changing Remote in multicolor Acrylic Lamps

* You Just Have to connect Your Power Adapter with Wooden Base and put your Acrylic Lamp over the base And It will Light up your room

* Material: Acrylic ,MDF Wooden Base 

Product Description

* Perfect gift

* This Engineer Acrylic 3D illusion LED Lamp makes a perfect gift for those who have a passion for photography. It’s a perfect gift for your friends and family. Personalize it with a name and make it memorable for the recipient.

* 3D Lamp is an innovative lamp that creates a 3D optical illusion with an acrylic glass design and an LED light set on a acrylic base. this optical illusion lamp is the perfect decorative piece for any home or office..

* 2 Size Available : (Small Acrylic Lamp Size)-6 Height X 4 Length Inches, (Big Acrylic Lamp Size)-8 Height X 6 Length Inches-Wooden Base- 5.8 Length x 1.7 Width x 1 Height inches.

* You also can choose colors in this product,it's available in two variants

* Single color and multicolored which you can control with remote

* Once you will place the order you will receive the confirmation call,after that the order will be placed. For any assistance call or Whatsapp on 8700081322 | 9873373428 11AM to 6PM

Long Product Description:

How to Find a Camera Night Lamp Name on It Online

Camera Night Lamps is not only functional and convenient but are also beautiful decorative items. The best part is that these lamps can be customized as per the requirements of their owners. You can have your photo or message printed on the lamp, which will surely be cherished for a lifetime by those who see it. You can design it according to your taste and your lifestyle. Just browse through this site, which will give you great ideas on how to make your own custom made night lamp for the bedroom in India.


Design your own lamp by browsing through different lamp models and styles. You can have your photo or text on it. This will surely be treasured by your loved ones, especially if it is the lamp name that you made yourself. This can also become a family heirloom, which can be passed down from one generation to another.


Choose the lamp making material that suits you best. Wood and bamboo make very good options. A simple yet elegant lamp made of bamboo with an ornamental design will make any place in the house look more elegant. The Indian tradition of using night lights is also reflected in the design of these lamps. The lamp name is painted or etched in a way to make the night light on a part of the home decor.


You can search for the right kind of night light by visiting the various retails or brands in India. If you have a specific product in mind, you can contact the manufacturer directly. There are certain companies that deal only in hand made accessories and hence, can provide you with the right information. If you are looking for a night lamp with a unique name, you can contact the manufacturer who deals with such items regularly.


The price range of these lamps is quite high. These lamps use a lot of electricity and hence, they need to be manufactured in large numbers. Some of these lamps are quite expensive. But, if you are searching for one that has a unique name and that is not very expensive, then you can bargain for the same. However, this must be done only when you have taken all precautions beforehand.


The night lamps are not available in all parts of India. So, before buying a night lamp, it is necessary that you have some idea about its availability. If you check out the complete range of nightlights available online, you will definitely find the right name for your special lamp. However, if you need a specific lamp for your study room, then you should buy that from the retails and not the online retails.


The best part of buying a night lamp from the online retails is that you will have all the details including the picture and the model number of the night lamp. This will make it easier for you to check whether the lamp suits your requirement or not. You can also buy a lamp according to the theme of your room. Some of the most common themes include Indian wedding, beach party, tropical island, romantic dinner and so on.


You can also order for the lamp that has the name engraved on it. However, if you are interested in buying a brand new lamp, then you can check out all the details about the same online. If you want to save money, you can also check out different online shops that sell lamps at discounted rates. This will make it easy for you to compare the prices and make the right choice.

Product Size

* 2 Size Available : (Small Acrylic Lamp Size)-6 Height X 4 Length Inches, (Big Acrylic Lamp Size)-8 Height X 6 Length Inches-Wooden Base- 5.8 Length x 1.7 Width x 1 Height inches.

Box Contents

Acrylic Lamp ,MDF Wooden Base ( Remote With only multicolor Lamps), Power Adapter

Care Instructions

* Clean with Wet wipes
* Do not use excess water while cleaning.

Delivery Information

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For Cash On Delivery Orders - Standard Delivery Within 5 to 7 Working Days.

* After the order is dispatched, you will receive a tracking number that will help you in tracking your order. 
* Deliveries may not possible on Sundays or on any other national holidays.
* Kindly provide your correct address for hassle-free deliveries.

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