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A Few Ideas For Hanging Key Holders

There is no doubt that key holders are necessary items to have on hand, especially for homes. If you don't already own a keyholder, then you're missing out. There is a wide variety of different styles and designs available for you to choose from. Whether you prefer it classic country style or western, traditional, rustic, vintage, unique, and many more, the possibilities are endless. There are also plenty of them available for your wall. Here is a list of different types of key holders, you can choose from.

Key Holder


o Key Holder for Cabinets: If you have cabinetry in your home, such as a kitchen or bathroom, you can hang a keyholder for cabinets right on there. This will allow you to store your personal items and even provide you with a nice place to display your photos or other memorabilia. For instance, you could use this hanging keyholder in conjunction with a knothole to hang a picture of your children. There is actually quite a few beautiful wood key racks that would look great as an accessory to your cabinetry, so if you haven't already purchased one, go out and get one.


o Key Holder For Walls: A wall key holder is perfect for larger areas, such as a wall in your entryway, or even a larger wall in your main living area. The hooks on most of these are either made of stained wood, or painted. They can be quite decorative but typically come in one of three colors, which are white, walnut, or acrylic.


o Key Holder For Wainscoting: If you like the more rustic look of a wood key holder, wainscotting might be for you! This is a relatively new style, and is basically a wooden frame that are painted or stained, in various colors. Some of them are intricately carved and have gorgeous wood paneling on the front.


o Key Holder For Car Doors: If you are a mom or dad who loves to travel, or if you just like to feel safe when you leave the house, you can hang a key holder for car doors right on the front seat. These can be purchased at most hardware or lawn stores, and most of them are quite affordable. You can find them in several different styles, such as those that are made of plastic, faux leather, wood, and many others. In fact, since many car doors are now being designed with key locks, it is even more important that you buy a good keyholder for them!


As you can see, there are many options when it comes to adding key holders to your key ring collection. The key holder you choose is really up to you! If you prefer a more rustic look, maybe an old-fashioned key holder would work for you. If you like something a little more modern, or if you are trying to match a key ring to your overall personal style, a personalized key holder would be the perfect gift for you. With all of these choices, there is one that is sure to fit your needs!


As you can see, there are a wide variety of key holders to choose from, each with its own unique look and style. The most common ones tend to be very basic, with metal brackets on all four corners and some with a beautiful decorative metal chain. There are also colorful ones available, although they tend to be very dark in color (unless they are specifically purchased to go with other interior decor). Most of the popular wall mounted key holders tend to be very colorful, although some are available in very plain gray!


Whether it is a simple wall mount or an elaborate key holder, hanging your keys on the wall adds a nice touch to any entryway. No matter where you decide to hang them, keep in mind that you always want the keyholder to be functional - make sure that all the locks on the entryway are working properly! Otherwise, no one will be deterred from using your entrance!


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