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Love Cheque Book - Romantic Gift - 15 Love Cheques- For Men And Women Both / You Can Add Your Messages Also -fully Customized / Any Query Whatsapp Us After Order +91 - 8700081322 | 9873373428 11am To 6pm

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Here is the ♥️ cheque book for Ur loved can share Ur feelings through this cheque ❣️❣️
This ♥️ cheque is for those guys who are very much shy to share their u can buy this awesome ♥️ cheque book...
It is having 25 reward cheques which can be used throughout the year....


Choose Rewards

1.I will dance on a song of your choice

2.I will cook dinner for you.

3.We will go for a movie.

4.Tomorrow you will have breakfast in bed

5.I will buy anything for you of your choice.

6.I will take you on a coffee date

7.I will be your servant for a day

8.I will sing a song of your choice

9.It’s my turn to do the dishes

10.We will go on a long drive

11.You win an arguement

12.I will take you on an ice-cream date

13.I will do the laundry this weekend

14.I will give you 15 minutes shoulders massage

15.We will go out at a place of your choice.

16.I will quit one of my bad habit

17.I will go shopping with you.

18.I will give you foot message

19.i will give you a head massage.

20.i will propose you the way you want me to.

21.I will spend a day with you.

22.i wont use phone when i am with you.

23.for one day, every hour I will repeat the mantra that i love you.

24.i will cuddle you

25.i will let you check my phone

26.I will kiss you

27.I will give you a tight hug

28.I will fulfill one of your wish

29.i will give you back massage

30.i will give you head massage

31.i will cook your favorite dish. win one fight

33.I will dance for you will be my boss for one day

35.I will go for a weekend trip with you.

36.i will keep quiet for one hour

37.i will let you check my phone

38.i will wear a dress of your choice

39.i will watch a sports match with you.

40.i will say yes to everything you say today

41.i will not be late for the next thing we plan.

42.i will tell five things i like about you.

43.You can keep your beard and moustache for two weeks.

44.i wont take any selfie today.

45.i will tell one secret today Today you can fart and burp in front of me Today

46.i will pay the bill.

47.i will let you go with your friends on a trip without me.

48.Today I wont disturb you in office hours

49.i will kiss you

50.i will give you a tight hug


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