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Top 12 Gift Ideas 2019| Buy Online| India | Trending


12 Affordable Gift Ideas SHE Will LOVE Under ₹299 | Inexpensive Gifts
Here You Can Check Big collection of gift items and products just for you

Online offers a huge collection of exclusive gift items just for you and your loved ones, we will help you to express the deepest of your feelings through the collection of our wide variety of gift items. It today’s time, we rarely get time to express our feelings and emotions. Let it be our parents, whose sacrifices and efforts helped us to understand our purpose and to reach to our true potential in this life or your friends who firmly stood by your side through the difficult times.

Now is your time to recognize their efforts through a wide range of exclusive online gifts, put together by our experienced team members. Every gift listed on our website is designed and made according to the needs of our loyal customers. We have a gift for everyone, and for all occasions. Every gift listed with us has gone through a series of quality checks, just an extra something! to make sure that it can it stays the way it was brought.

A Gift for Every Occasion

Online offers a huge collection of gift items, for all your needs we have made a special list of top 20 of our products, which are as follows:

1.Phone covers:

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A phone cover is a must have accessory nowadays. We at Myphotoprint brings to you a vast collection of phone covers with customizations. You can choose a photo of your choice and we will take it from there. We will print the exact photo that you gave us and will print that on the cover of your choice. Sounds cool right?

2.Shadow Box

A shadow box is another cool gift that you can think about giving to your loved ones. A shadow box is a box with cool designs, with a central LED. Whenever the LED lights up it casts a shadow of object (design) on the surface. You can customize this one too! Tell us about the designs that you want us to put on it, so that you can express that emotion with a bit of light.

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3.Wooden Name

As the name suggests, it is a table name stand but in 3D. Which means each letter is made from a wooden piece and held together to form a name of a person.

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4.Photo Name Frames

A photo name frame is like combination of a wooden name stand and a photo frame. Which means every letter of a word is like a mini phot frame. This is quite good when you have a lot of photos of a person for which you are buying it for.

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5.Wooden Calendar

It is a calendar made out of good quality wood and works like a contraption. It has three dials for Day, Month and Date and with some space to put a photo on. A very nice gift for couples.

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6.Wall Hanging

A wall hanging is a highly customizable product. It can be made into any shape of your choice. You can also tell us the message that you want to put it on.

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7.Rotating light Lamp

It is like a collage of photos, with a central LED. This is not your ordinary light Lamp, because it rotates. The collage of photos lights up and rotates when the lamp is plugged in.

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8.LED Cushions

This one is another cool gift option. This a soft and cozy cushion, which lights up when turned on. You can also customize this by telling us about the photo of your choice. We will imprint that photo on the Cushion of your choice.

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9.A to Z Wooden Name

A wooden Name consists of a big alphabet of your choice. You can tell us to engrave the name of the person for which you are buying it for, also a message of your choice can be put on it. To top it all, there is a LED which lights up, highlighting your message.

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10.Cube with LED

It is not your normal Rubik’s cube. Every face of this cube is customizable. Tell us about the photos that you want us to put on it. Another feature of this cube is that it glows as it has a central LED.

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Who doesn’t like puzzles. But there is a twist. Choose an image of your choice, send it to us and we will customize that into a puzzle. You can play this puzzle game with your friends or your hubby.

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Who doesn’t like keychains. We have a huge collection of custom keychains to choose from. Just tell us the design and the picture you want us to put in it.

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13.Wall Clock

This is another cool gift option. This is not your ordinary wall clock. Select an image of your choice, we will put it in the clock for you. Now everytime you look at this clock it will remind you of those happy moments.

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14.Photo Keychain

Not a normal keychain by any means. You can choose a design of your choice, it can be initials of a name, a letter, a word or a message. We will imprint the message with the pictures of your choice in a cool and funky way.

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15.Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must have accessory these days, isn’t it? You can choose a water bottle of your liking and we will cover it with pictures and messages of your choice.

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16.LED Magic Mirror

This one is one of the best gift that you can give to someone as it has dual functionality. It works as a mirror when it is off but when turned on it turns into a digital photo frame, displaying images of your loved ones. You can switch between the two modes by a single touch on the screen.

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17.Gold Rose

This is one of the most premium gift that you can give to your loved ones. This one is made from high quality 24 caret gold, shaped into a beautiful rose. Moreover, it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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18.Acrylic lamp

This Lamp is one of the most beautiful and eye catching product on our website. It creates a 3D type illusion, while displaying your message. It has 7 flashing modes and you can also set the brightness (7 levels). It comes with IR remote control which has quite a good range. It is ideal for living room, bedroom, bars, shop, coffee shop, hotel etc.

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19.Magic Mug

As the name suggests, this one is truly magical. Whenever you pour a hot liquid into this cup, images will appear on the outside. You can surprise anyone with this one magic trick.

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20.Pop Holder

Pop holders are great, when you want to operate you phone securely. Nowadays as phones are becoming bigger and bigger, it is getting difficult to hold on to your phone. But with this pop holder you can do that quite easily. Another cool feature is that it comes with a photo customization option.

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21.Fridge Magnets

Can a fridge magnet make your mornings happening? The answer is yes! You can send us the pictures of your liking and we will transform it into a piece of memory.

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Celebrate and Express those Joyous Moments and Emotions is your one-stop-shop to buy the perfect gift for your near and dear ones. It is safe to say that, costliest of gems in this world cannot replace the emotions and loved attached with an ordinary gift. We at MyPhotoPrint.inbelieve in innovations and tinkering. Please check out our top 20 cool gifts. We also strive hard to bring something new to you on regular basis. This is quite obvious from with wide range of customizable products on our website. We believe that customization is an important aspect of the gift as it lets to imprint your emotion and love on our product. Cool stuff right? On our website, most of the products are customizable, let it be a phone covers with easy face printing options or a wooden shadow box with easy text customizations or the mighty name photo frames, our list is endless.

And that’s not all folks!

We understand you may have certain questions when looking to buy gifts online for the special ones in your life. That’s the reason why we are always looking forward from hearing back from you. You can always reach out to us by contacting us at We can also be reached at +91 8700081322, tell us more about your requirements so that we can patch you up with our experienced staff personals. Just in case if you are not happy with you purchase, you can always cancel or return your order and we will refund your money back in your wallet shortly. We offer a guaranteed 5-day money back or replacement on all our products. In terms of shipping customers usually receive their orders within 3-4 business days.

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